The Internet is forever. This is why it’s important to leave a video-advice or a video-legacy sharing a few words about the future. This is 4aBetterWorld, the first video community in a nutshell for a better world. 4aBetterWorld is completely free and without commercial purposes.

We want you to be part of it.

In a world full of information, it’s time to distill knowledge, to leave behind a cultural heredity to internet’s big community. Everyone has something to say, something to pass on or even an advice to give. This message is independent from their field of studies, origin or profession.

It can be an opinion, a piece of advice or a wish, but it will always be based on experience. The result will be videos to pass on and to leave to posterity for a better world. Video is already the language of the present, and remain to become the language of the future. Through sharing, likes and nicknames, it’s easy to lose trace of their origin. A name, a surname and a face are a return to the source. A legacy is useless if it is not collected. For this reason, the platform is designed in a SEO friendly manner, in order to be indexed as high as possible in the search engines, offering an extra link to advicers.

A content through which one can tell a story beyond the usual biography written on a LinkedIn profile, on a company profile or a personal website. A few questions are enough to understand who we are interviewing and what he or she has experienced in the past, is experiencing now, as well as what this person will accomplish later on. This will link our pills with real life experiences.

Interviews and pills will be indexed by name, by profession and by topic.

From green economy to businesses, from advertising to art and without forgetting the fields of design, fashion, energy, journalism, start-ups and sports. It is a way to explore a community based on interests or seeking serendipity, hashtag by hashtag.