4aBetterWorld is a video community open to everyone, where users can leave behind material that will then be collected and listened to by others, either today or in future generations. 4aBetterWorld is a non-profit project. However, the editorial staff reserves the right to approve the video’s content before they are published online.

If you are interested in being part of our video community and leaving your personal message to transmit to others, send an email to the following address:

Our key word is sharing; indeed, the level of authority of a person affirming a certain concept isn’t important since the end users will decide whether they wish to take charge of that message or not. No matter your title, whether you are a CEO or a company employee, an executive or a house painter, in the course of our lives we have all shared time and spaces with a wide variety of individuals that are different from us.

If you have a message that you wish to communicate publicly, you may write to us in order to become part of the 4aBetterWorld project. You are equally welcome if you prefer listening to the other’s messages. Indeed, it does not matter who is interviewed. What counts for us is the summary of all individuals together.